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USCGC Southwind (WAGB-280)
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! USCGC Southwind (WAGB-280) was a Wind-class icebreaker that served in the United States Coast Guard, the Soviet Navy, the United States Navy as the USS Atka (AGB-3) and again in the U.S. Coast Guard as the Southwind. Construction began on 20 July 1942 in the Western Pipe and Steel Company shipyards in San Pedro, California, and she was launched on 8 March 1943 by Mrs Ona Jones. On 15 July 1944, she was commissioned as USCGC Southwind (WAGB-280). After seeing service on the Greenland Patrol, and assisting the Eastwind in capturing the German trawler Externsteine, Southwind was transferred to the Soviet Union on 23 or 25 March 1945 as part of the Lend-Lease Program.

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